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On the Death of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh - Musings on Marriage

Friday 9th April will become one of those dates when people may ask, ‘Do you remember where you were when Prince Philip died?’ Of course, for many, this will not be the case. I write perhaps with bias because I was so fond of this man I never knew or met. How is this possible, that one can be ‘attached’ to someone in such a ‘detached’ way? I suppose we are entering here the realms of myth and folklore - the stories passed down over the last century of his life and times.  For me the stand-out aspects were his mischievous sense of humour (shared by all his family) and the overwhelming sense that he and our Queen, Elizabeth II, whom he affectionately called ‘Lilibet’, was indeed a true love story. It was not without its ups and downs, that much is clear and reasonably well-documented - but what marriage of longevity is any different? It is nigh on impossible to share a life with someone for 70 odd years and not have some turbulent times. The core point is the loyalty of that union, even

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