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Covid 19, A Rural Diary - Travel in the Time of Covid - Greece

Before autumn mists shroud my memory of Summer completely, I wanted to reflect on the travelling I did in July and August. 
By the end of Lockdown, the whole family felt a desperate need to escape. Normally we had a week’s sailing and some time in south-west France by the beach. We could have allowed Covid to stop that, but we decided not to. And so we booked a last minute boat out of the Greek island of Kos and organised to meet some old family friends who were already out there sailing on the briny blue. It was the best decision we could have made. 
We added a couple of shipmates - friends of the girls - and headed down to London for the flight out of Heathrow. Early mornings are already strange times for me, being a late bird, but this was in a league of its own. On only a few hour’s sleep we negotiated the new Covid rules and regs for car drop off and check in. It was chaos. A lot of grumpy, stressed staff handing out confused and conflicting information to equally confused passenge…

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