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Travels in Italy - Part 4 - From Lake to Mountains

3rd March, 2022 Opening our green shutters that morning was a joy: the sun streamed from a blue sky, illuminating a cobbled courtyard surrounded on three sides by tall, colourful buildings, with a glimpse of the lake and tall, narrow Cyprus trees over the terracotta tiled rooves. How quintessentially Italian is all that? After a quick breakfast and a chat with the owner of the hotel who had taken it over a few years back from an elderly couple and modernised it, we couldn’t wait to get outside and have a wander around the still quiet streets and along the lakeshore. The vistas that met us were magical as the water stretched hazily before us, narrowing towards the northern tip of Lake Garda. After a delightful stroll by the clear, aquamarine water, lapping gently at the rocks and little rough sand beaches, with just ourselves and the ducks for company, we headed back towards the crenallated castle and into the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town. Most things were shut and we had the

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