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Covid-19, A Rural Diary - Lockdown 2 - The Daily Faff

I don’t know about you, but my lockdown life has today reached new levels of faff! It went something like this:- 1) wake at 7.30am as N sets off for the office for the first time in 9 months. 2) think how 9 long months ago - another lifetime - I used to be up at that time making porridge and a cup of tea for L before driving her to the school bus. 3) go back to sleep. 4) woken at 8.30am by doorbell, dog barking and a delivery. 5) feel a bit crappy (too much wine last night?) so do Reike session on myself which induces more sleep. 6) wake again at 9.23. Go back to sleep. 7) wake again at 9.44. Feel ashamed.  8) open curtains and window and say good morning to my lovely llama and Mildred the cat who wants feeding (as always), miaow, miaow 9) attention caught by sheep in field opposite. Acting oddly in a group. Become awkward witness to unexpected group sheep shag. Grim fascination. Cast mind rapidly forward to next April and Spring lambs...😶 10) make cup of tea, have shower, get dressed

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