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New Gardening Habit Post

Friday 24th May For those of you of a horticultural disposition who have been in despair over the weather, as I have been recently, I've posted something over on The Gardening Habit which offers up some small rays of hope despite the lack of rays of sunshine. The lessons to be learned from Nature are many, but right now it's these:
The closer you look the more you seeNew life appears even when you think all is lostThere is beauty to be found in all things.   

You can see the post by clicking here.

New Fridge Food Post

In defiance of the highly unseasonal weather I have put up a little tasty, summery salad number over at Fridge Food. Go take a look here if you are in need of something both sunny and healthy and filling, despite its size.

617 'Dambuster' Squadron 70th Anniversary

In March 1943, 617 'Dambuster' Squadron was formed from an elite group of military men who were chosen or volunteered for one of the Second World War's most daring and innovative strategic attacks on Nazi Germany. It was an attack which was to mark the turning point in the war for Great Britain and her allies.

I have just been watching the coverage on television of the tributes that were happening today here in the Peak District where the squadron honed their skills over the Derwent Dam and this evening at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire from where the 19 Lancaster planes set off this very night 70 years ago.

The skills that the pilots and their crew had to hone, with none of today's technology, in the space of eight short weeks, were incredible. The mission was to be carried out purely by the light of the moon and the eyes of the crew using sights which look like they'd been knocked up in the potting shed (some wood and a couple of nails) and some basic target alti…

A Special Invitation for a very Special Day

A week or so ago, after a telephone call from the organiser, we received this special invitation:-

I will tell you all about it tomorrow and the reason we were invited.

New Gardening Habit Post

Have just written a little something about the highs and lows of gardening in a very wet, cold climate over at The Gardening Habit (and all those of you who live in sunnier climes may rightly feel smug!).

The End of an Era

Wednesday, 1st May 2013

What a beautiful day to start May! Clear blue skies, warm spring sunshine, not a breath of wind - and I thought of Henri who used to walk these hills over so many decades but who will set foot to earth no more. As cancer took hold in her ninth decade, she said she had done with her life and now just wanted to float. She passed away on Monday and today I imagined her up there, smiling down on the place she loved so much and knew so intimately.

I have been here but a decade, yet the spirit of place has entered my soul completely. As I dug the earth to plant my columbines, primulas, pulsatilla, wallflowers, campanulas and aubretias, the sheep and lambs lay quietly in the filed, the birds sang their spring song at last and the drill of a distant woodpecker drifted across the valley. I thought of the kingfisher Henri always told me about down by the stream where she walked, and I missed her. The brittle clack-clack of her walking stick as she walked purposefully up …