I spend my life throwing food together from what's in the fridge and cupboards. I have many cookery books which I rarely have time to read, but I flick through them for ideas and inspiration, and always end up just doing it 'my way'. Anything for a simple life!

My mother was a fabulous cook with a great palate and had the art of just putting flavours together. While I didn't learn 'by her side' (she was too much of a control freak in the kitchen!) I learnt by absorption (literally) of the flavoursome meals she cooked for us.

My real cooking 'birth' came in Italy where I spent four formative years submersed in the Italian way of doing things. The markets were bursting with fabulous fresh produce, the flavours were light, fresh and sunny, or deep, rich and earthy - depending on whether you were north or south of the country, in mountains or by sea. What an education it was, and how grateful I am for it. Despite my love of France and many years spent there, its cuisine will, for me, never beat 'la cucina Italiana'. Flavour and simplicity is all. No fancy tricks. Perfect for busy lives.

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