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How Runway on the Runway made Manchester Sparkle

Well, I think we can safely say that Runway on the Runway was a spectacular success. The hard work of the production and co-ordinating team, the schools, the charities, the contributors and the sponsors all came together to produce an outstanding event which can only raise awareness of teenage cancer and, hopefully, has contributed heavily to its funding pot.

We were literally swept into the Concorde Hangar by an arctic wind which those poor bods at the welcome desk were forced to endure most of the evening. Inside, it has to be said, it wasn't much warmer - such hot air as was being generated by heaters was whooshing straight out through the hangar roof! But it really didn't matter because, at the risk of using a well-worn cliché, the warmth of the mood inside was more than enough to keep everyone happy. Right from the moment you walked into the colourfully lit hangar where Concorde takes centre stage, you couldn't help but be impressed. The catwalk was running underneat…