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Solitary Ramblings

The other day I desperately needed some time to myself, out of the house, for some quiet contemplation of things in my life. The day was notable for its dank dreariness but I pressed on with my plan in spite of the weather. It suited my mood anyway. 
So I got in the old Land Rover, anticipating a wet, muddy dog on my return, and drove to the Goyt valley, just 15 minutes away. I headed for the spot I had always driven past saying 'I must walk there one day'. That day had finally come. 
I parked up next to a small (very deep - according to the warning signs) pond, perched on the hillside, surrounded by sweeping moors and deep valleys. Thanks to the simultaneous arrival of a woman with two collies and a ball, I decided to take a different footpath to the one I had imagined - in order not to get mixed up with her and her dogs. I desperately wanted to be alone, just me and Lil. And so it was that instead of following the path of a one-time rail track, I plunged down through the winte…