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Life on the Ocean Wave – Part 3

After the tidal swells of the straits of Gibraltar we came round Punta Almina (Spanish territory but on the African continent) and were suddenly becalmed. It was a welcome break from wrestling the helm and a good place to have sandwiches had we not consumed them on the straits (me having made myself queasy knocking up ham, cheese and Branston butties in the heavily rolling galley). This is what out sister boat did, we later found out. Us, well, we just admired the view and took in the glassy water, peering to bow every now and then to see where the line of rougher water began, signalling where we would pick up the wind again as it funnelled down between a valley on the mainland.

And so we arrived in Marina Smir some time in the afternoon after three or four hours of exhilirating sailing. As we negotiated the narrow channel, exotic scents wafting on the warm air, there was no mistaking we were on a different continent. This is a relatively new marina on a stretch of the Mediterranean co…

Going Back

Tuesday 1st July

I have just got back today from 24 hours in London where I left behind 26 degrees and beautiful blue skies, the streets thronged with people sitting outside at cafes, bars and restaurants in the summer sunshine; I’m looking out of my windows now in the High Peak and it’s like something from a bad movie where there’s some bloke with a wind machine set to ‘gale force’ throwing buckets of water at the glass to recreate a winter storm. It might as well be December out there. N is in Nigeria (under armed guard apparently – for his safety rather than others’, I hasten to add, lest you believe he’s turned in desperation to drug running and gun crime) and I’m, frankly, feeling ‘a bit funny’. This could have something to do with being tired from walking miles with a pull along suitcase amongst crowds and hard pavements with arthritic aching feet in shoes that are meant to be comfortable (they’re Ugg for God’s sake); it could be something to do with being jaded after a shed full…