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Quick Update

Just to let you know, I've posted a new entry over at Fridge Food - a little pasta number (taglierini with a lemon, cream and watercress sauce) which you can knock up in minutes, so perfect for a quick and easy supper.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

I am still up to my eyes in Botrytis and Powdery Mildew, revising for my first Practical Gardening exam next week. I am too old for this. (Maybe that's why I'm going mouldy).

G took her 11+ exam on Friday so we're all being a bit nerdy at the moment.

N got back this morning from a day's shooting in Anglesey yesterday - I'm told there's a bird hanging around outside. Hope it's the feathered kind. He's hunched over his computer too as off to the States tomorrow morning for a few days. We continue to pass as ships in the night.

So, time now for a drink, I think, and my slow cooked Brisket of Beef (if it turns out ok I'll post that one up too).


Ode to Skiing

I wasn’t looking forward to coming home. Who would be after a week pounding the sunny slopes of the Three Valleys in the French Alps with bountiful good food, good drink, good company and laughs a-plenty? This is my one real holiday of the year. The one where I don’t have to do anything other than get up and ski. Someone else cooks. Someone else looks after the children. Someone else cleans and does the laundry. All my other holidays involve me continuing my domestic and maternal duties in some shape or form but this one, and only this one, lets me off the hook almost completely. True, I have to get up quite early and then do a lot of physical exercise. But who cares when it’s what you love? Skiing is my absolute passion in the sporting world. I don’t care if it’s sunny or a white-out, on-piste or off-piste, flat slopes or moguls, alone or in company. I love the fact that it can be challenging and solitary, or easy and companionable. It changes with the day, the mood, the weather, th…