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Fridge Food - My Other Blog

Hoorah huzzah - fanfare of trumpets - I'd just like to formally announce that my other current blog, Fridge Food (link also in side bar) is alive and kicking. Well, tapping lightly at your tummy at least. It was an idea I had years ago and did nothing about - but the second post of the blog explains all that so I shan't repeat it all boringly here. You'll just have to take a look! The idea is, simply, to encourage you to make the most of the dubious and not-so dubious contents of your fridge rather than chucking things in the bin because you can't think what else to do with them once they've been hanging around a bit and you've started to lose interest....

It's not ground-breaking (what is, these days?) but it's meant to be light-hearted and, hopefully, useful at the same time, as well as being vaguely in the spirit of this new Green age....ahem.

See what you think.

Thank You's and Tags

In the spirit of the Oscars (ok, ok, so that’s old news now, but you know I’m always late), and because I was brought up to say my Ps and Qs, I just wanted to flag up a few ‘thank you’s. Most recently to Cheshire Wife for electing me as one of the people she was passing the Lemonade award on to, and then, many moons ago, to Dusty Spider and Working Mum for the lovely awards they gave me. I am aware that I haven’t got round to passing them on to anyone and that is, as much as anything as I find it really hard to choose from the many, many writers I know on the blogosphere who are such excellent wordsmiths – all so different and unique – and I feel bad choosing a set few when there are many more just as deserving (I’m afraid I’m not very good with chain emails either, but that’s another story). Added to which, many of those I would have chosen already have the awards. Nuff said.

I have been tagged a couple of times too, but it was so long ago I now don’t remember exactly by whom, althoug…