New Post at The Gardening Habit - Seasonal Notes

Just to let you know that I have written a new post on my gardening blog, The Gardening Habit, called ‘Seasonal Notes - January’ and you can find it here. It is the first of what I plan to be a little series on noting the changes in the garden on a monthly basis (even if retrospectively!) both as a way to keep me writing and a way to get me out into the garden more regularly! 

The last 12 months were challenging both personally and meterologically. Time has not been my own and it has been so wet and soggy that I have not felt much inclination to garden anyway - and we certainly haven’t been outside just enjoying it! I also gave up on vegetable growing last year for all these reasons, but hope to be more enthusiastic about it this year  - if only it would stop raining! 

In the post I touch on climate change as well as gardening at altitude with all the complications of weather, wind, temperature and a short growing season. Despite my horticultural training, it is challenging at the best of times, but I am hoping to re-find my mojo and find ways around some of the issues and re-connect more deeply with the garden I have tended and loved so deeply from the moment I first laid eyes on it 21 years ago. 


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