New Blog Post about My Spiritual Journey

Good morning all! I just wanted to let you know that I have recently published a new post about my ongoing spiritual journey on my The Healing Habit blog. You can read the post here

It is something I have been slow to write about as it’s a very personal thing - but I’m hoping there may be some of you out there who have been on, or are currently on, a similar journey - and if so we can swap notes! - or you may simply be curious about an aspect of life and existence which you haven’t yet stopped to consider. Maybe now’s the moment…! 

One of my aims is to help people understand that you don’t have to be (or become) a ‘weirdo’ to embrace a spiritual element in your life; also that we are all different and travel along life’s journey at our own pace. Even if it’s not for you for now, it may be later. Or it may simply create a spark of interest which may or may not ignite in the future. 

We are living in challenging times, for sure. On the radio this morning were deep discussions about the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on our lives going forward and all the aspects of bias and ethical considerations which potentially come with it. As technology progresses, so the availability of knowledge increases - but there will be many potholes that humanity falls into along the road of progress towards a truly integrated, global, peaceful, civilised society. And one of the biggest ones, in my opinion, is ignoring the importance of the soul. 

I asked questions from an early age. I continue to do so. My spiritual journey is part of my own quest for knowledge: knowledge of the universe and how it might work and trying to understand our place in it. Modern science has answered some of our questions, but oh so many others remain elusive. 

But where science still cannot provide answers and certainty, a spiritual understanding of life can fill the gaps. It is my greatest comfort blanket when life becomes challenging: an understanding that this is why we are here - to learn from our experiences and to learn how to give and receive love, fully and unconditionally.  

Have a happy, light-filled Sunday. 

With love ❤️ 


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