New Post at Fridge Food - Vegetable Boxes and Mushroom Soup

I have horribly neglected one of my blog-children - Fridge Food - and something I intend to put right over the coming weeks. 

I started writing a post last November for this mushroom soup recipe (click the link) and it’s just sat there, unfinished, for all these months. So here it is a last, if a little unseasonal. Though judging from the plunging temperatures we’ve had this April in the UK, with more cold weather still to come, a hearting warming soup is probably just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy ❤️


The bike shed said…
That's quite possibly the best-looking bowl of mushroom soup I've ever seen! Food is rather difficult to photograph don't you think? Not least because in our house - with three boys - it was always gone so quickly!
kestrel said…
we get a variety of cultivated mushrooms in the supermarket. My fav is the King oyster/trumpet mushies. Just fry wth garlic and butter for breakfast or as side dishes. WOnder if your mushroom soup is wild mushrooms as it is darker in colour. Mushroom soup and toast wth lots of butter is my daugh's fav. Hope you enjoyed your soup.
Carah Boden said…
Thank you Mark! Mushroom soup is certainly not an easy one to make look good - sludgy grey brown isn’t an easy sell!! 😆
Carah Boden said…
Thanks Kestrel, it was pretty good even if I say so myself! 😆

It was made with what we call ‘field’ muchrooms - quite large and flat with lots of brown ‘fins’. Hence the darker colour.
I love your more oriental mushrooms - great in stir fries or to accompany many an Asian dish. And fried with garlic and butter has to be an all time favourite of mine - works for any mushrooms! Perfect with a good old ‘English Breakfast’ of bacon, tomatoes, sausage, black pudding, egg and baked beans - or on their own on toast with lots of fresh parsley mixed in. Delicious 😋😁

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