Carpe Diem - some gardening and a walk in the sunshine

A couple of weeks ago, ahead of the Big Freeze, Monday was forecast to be the best and only sunny day of the week - so I seized the day and went outside, abandoning all my internal plans and chores. When you live in one of the wettest places in the UK you learn to carpe diem whenever the sun decides to pop its head out from behind the interminable clouds. 

It was a day spent mostly gardening, after many months of inactivity, but I also managed to squeeze in a walk with two of my girls - well, three if you count the dog!

Our chosen route through the village and over the hills was particularly beautiful and I’ve included some images below of what we saw along the way.

Meanwhile, if you would like to find out what I got up to in the garden do pop over to The Gardening Habit where I have written all about it - the link is HERE

Have a good weekend everyone, snow or no snow. 🙂


kestrel said…
Good move to leave the chores behind and just go for a walk. You live in a very beautiful place, just so lucky to be able to go out and see the endless scenery. Looks like your walk can never end if you wanted to just keep going.

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