Early Morning Conversations with my Daughter while Waiting for the School Bus

ME: The other day I was driving back from somewhere and I saw a flock of geese flying in formation. It was amazing.

[Louisa looks at me with mild interest]

ME: Did you know that they swap leaders at the front when they get tired?It drops back and another one takes over.

[Louisa continues to regard me with cogs slowly turning behind the eyes]

ME: They slipstream you see. The leader takes all the wind. Must be so tiring at the front.

LOUISA: Do they ever stop?

ME: Yes, sometimes you see them all in a field, don't you?

[A moment's contemplation]

LOUISA: Sounds like DofE!

[Gales of laughter from me before she mimics]:-
'Can we please stop now?'
Then just as we've sat down the Leader says 'Ok, come on! Let's go!'
[Rolls eyes and lolls head back]: 'Oh please, reeeaally...? Do we have to?'

[Hopeless giggles from us both]

ME: Had a weird dream this morning I was sitting round a table with Harry Styles and was all snuggled up and cosy with him.

LOUISA: [incredulous] You what?

ME: Yeah. And there were three other people who were your father's colleagues. He wasn't there. He was away somewhere. They'd all just bought holiday homes in the Dordogne and one had a speedboat which he whizzed around the river on.  The other was drawing Christmas trees. Then for some reason Donald Trump was on the phone....

Thankfully the bus arrived at that point!

It's great to start the day with a laugh.


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