Ode to 50

Am I really 50? So how did that happen then? Well, to answer my own question I guess my parents had sex, I was the result, and on 8th June 1963 I came into the world. Simple as that really.

The years have certainly slipped away easily enough since then. I have the same vague memories of toddler-hood that I always had (my older brother ramming me and my pushchair into a coniferous hedge in a park indelibly stamped) and my childhood passed smoothly enough in a string of memories of bike riding, card playing, swimming in outdoor Lidos with fountains and peeling turquoise paint, family walks, picnics and skateboards. Was it all idyllic? Probably not - I remember a 3-day stand-off that my parents once had and dropping the hamster cage (complete with hamster) down the stairs - but it was certainly relatively carefree.

Exams and university Finals are all distant memories and it's hard to reconcile that my own eldest is soon to embark on that particular trail of misery. Yes indeed, I am all grown up, but you know what? I've just had the best birthday ever after a month of diverse and wonderful celebrations with friends and family. I have my health, I have my happiness - can a girl really ask for more? I think not. Indeed, completing half a century of life has turned out to be rather better than I could possibly have imagined...


Pondside said…
Happy (belated?) Birthday to you!
I have one decade on you, and have to say that the 50's were incredible for me....professionally, personally, health-wise, wisdom-wise (is that a word?) I hope this decade is as good to you!
Did I know that you live in the Peak District?...or perhaps I'm wrong. In any case, if you do - it was one of the loveliest places I visited in September last year.
Happy Birthday!!

I had my 50th a few years back, where do the years go? In my head Im still 26!

The bike shed said…
Happy Birthday. Turning 50 was in some ways a relief to me; no longer any pretence, less pressure. They say we compensates for loss of youth with other delights and satisfactions - through our children, our families, our wisdom even. I hope that's true for you.
Interesting coincidence as this was written on the 29th of June and I will turn fifty this year on that date. My no 3 son was born on your 40th.xx.

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