Having been born a stone's throw from the English Channel, 'the continent', as it was then known, was always on my horizon. My parents were adventurous and took me and my brother abroad as children on daring dashes across Europe, way before travel became so easy and widespread. Those early scents, sounds and evocations of foreign lands took root in my psyche and soul.

I studied Modern Languages at university and spent a couple of years living and working in France - north of Paris and then in the south-west of France. My very first job after university was in the travel business: I worked a ski season as a rep for a tour operator in the French Alps. Returning, reluctantly, to London I took up a position in a Travel PR firm where I stayed for a couple of years before realising that rather than organising the press trips I wanted to be one of the journalists writing about them.

There followed a few years of freelance writing before taking up with an old PR client of mine and joining their PR and Marketing department where I spent several happy years editing, contributing to and producing their customer magazine, together with brochure copy writing, editing and production.

My final position before heading back to live in Italy again was in-house PR for a company organising expeditions and leadership experiences for children and adults.

I love good travel writing of the evocative kind rather than the more pedestrian 'Fact Box' style stuff we usually see in newspapers and magazines of today (ironically thanks to the PR industry I was once part of). Jan Morris remains, for me, in a league of her own.

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