Monday, 16 May 2016

The Definition of Cool

It's a funny old business when one's distinctly middle-aged accountant husband is regarded as 'cool' by the friend of your daughter whose father is, erm....a rock star.

Yes folks, bean counters are officially hip! The father of Friend of Eldest Daughter is drummer with The Verve, but it's the boring accountant who is currently being viewed as Mr Cool: fast car (a battered and bruised Audi Quattro A4 convertible 3.2 litre engine, permanently filthy, which has had various encounters with dry-stone walls due to dodgy handbreak); suit, sunglasses (actually, they're just reading glasses for failing middle-aged eyesight) and a Honda Blackbird in the garage. True, there's a slight 007 edge to the International Man of Mystery but only because we pass like ships in the night and most of the time neither he nor I have a clue what either of us is up to - wedded bliss and all that.

It seems that Turgid Predictability is still highly regarded when all I've ever wanted is to be married to a musician. Hey ho. So did I get something right after all? Are Accountants more revered than reviled? It's interesting that The Young are not despising The Dull. It gives me some crumb of contentment that there is still some respect out there in the Next Generation for hard work and dedication and not just the glamour of celebrity in this XFactor Age.

Meanwhile I must see if I can't wangle some drum lessons with the Rock Star Father. Now that would be cool.


Linda said...

I think that's VERY cool!!!

Procrastinator extraodinaire said...

Had a sicky yesterday and it has been a joy to read your blog. One of the posts talked about a life perhaps not lived as well as it could have been. As I approach the big 50 I have had similar thoughts but reading your blog I find the important things are family,friends and precious moment. Your life is so full of these things and I have enjoyed vicariously sharing them.

p.s So lucky to have a place in France to escape too. We unfortunately have to put up with wet Wales as our escape and yes just like your trip there it is beautiful but inevitable mostly wet :(

Jonathan said...

I lucked into being considered cool for a few minutes with our kids friends when I had to turn up at Brownies to be "somebody with a technical job" to go visit and talk (I'm a software developer) - I fear I caught them at just the right age before they dismiss me as a nerd though :) Just found your blog - loving it so far.

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