Thursday, 24 March 2016

Circle of Life

I turned the key in the ignition and the radio blared on. I would have turned it off if it hadn't been Blondie belting out 'Denis Denis', immediately followed by Abba asking to 'Take A Chance on Me'. It was Pick of the Pops from March 18th, 1978. I was hooked.

I drove out of the village in the darkness, my youngest by my side, and by the time we hit the traffic-less main road we were waiting with baited breath for the Number One that week: it was Kate Bush and her ground-breaking, rather extraordinary debut single Wuthering Heights. A new career was launched. I started wailing away in an unnaturally high voice, actually remembering the words for once, to the great amusement of L. I then went off on a riff of nostalgic explanation:-

' In 1978 I was fifteen, I'd broken my leg skateboarding the year before, I was having orthodontic work, I was madly in love with a boy obsessed with Kate Bush, and who would have thought that here I would be, 38 years on, driving around north west England, braces all over my teeth again, with my own 13 year old by my side, wailing along to Wuthering Heights'....and my daughter added, ever wry, ' 3.56 in the morning!'

The circle of life, indeed.


Edwina said...

FIddling about with my new DAB radio a couple of months ago, I happened on Radio Two on a Saturday afternoon, and there was TB, Tony Blackburn, with his pick of the pops music. I listened to the song he was playing, and was going to turn the radio off when he said what was next, so I thought I might as well listen to that too. After three or four tracks I told myself that if I didn't like the next one, I'd turn off.... well, an hour passed and the show finished and I was well into retro mood, looking through my vinyls - that's EPs and LPs, I don't have a fetish for floor tiles, honest! You get sucked in, taken back.... by the way, in 1978 I was 28, two years a widow, one year nearly, with a new husband, who is still around, amazingly.
Like your blog, which I found via SAGA, after Googling for 'blogs for and by the older woman'. Nina at

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