Thursday, 8 October 2015

Jack Savoretti - Back Where I Belong (Official Audio)

Jack Savoretti is just one of those musicians who makes me feel I'm in love - though with him or someone else is not quite clear! That raspy, reedy voice, full of emotion; the unkempt locks, the cheeky English Christian name with the sexy Italian surname. Marriage made in heaven. Add the lyrics to the tunes and I'm just in this 'other place'. Another me, another life, back in the days of dreams in places like Paris, Chantilly, Toulouse, Salamanca, the Alps and Pyrenees, Padua, Venice, Milan - where life stretched ahead in all its wonder and excitement, full of plans and possibilities.

It's a far cry from a toasted cheese and onion sandwich on my lonesome in Morrisons in Chapel-en-le-Frith, as I was yesterday lunchtime. The piazzas, palazzos and pizzas; the romance and risotto; love and the Left Bank; shenanigans in Chantilly; sunrises, sunsets, singing, dancing and frisbee-throwing freedom in Salamanca; snows, snogs and fogs in the mountains; friends made and loves lost.

The dreams of fame and fortune have been lost to family, my legacy lying now in my children. Some days I look back on a life well-lived; others I weep at a world of wasted hopes. But if I listen to the likes of Jack Savoretti, my spirits rise and I feel life is still out there to be grabbed. Every precious moment of it.

Each of us is unique; some of us are paired in a common experience. Whatever we have lived, it has shaped and formed us. The trick is knowing how to turn that to our advantage. So let the music play on, adding a depth to our earthly experience and our everyday reality that only a good tune and a great lyric can create.
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