Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Walk in the Woods

Thursday 4th June

Is there anything finer than a walk through an English woodland in dappled sunlight where bluebells scent the warm air and blur the vista with their soft haze?

When you add buttercup-filled meadows, heather-strewn uplands, white and red hawthorn blossom, sunshine-yellow gorse and the cool babble and rush of a shallow river, you can be forgiven for thinking you've found a little bit of heaven on earth. 

This is how it was on my walk this early summer's afternoon: the mind and senses fully engaged with the sheer serene beauty of the landscape. Lily was giddy with it all, galloping around like her life depended on it, splashing through the stream, crashing through the undergrowth, hurtling along the meadow paths like a greyhound chasing the hare. Man or dog, it was impossible not to feel simply happy to be alive. 

So English...

Spears of fresh green ferns uncurling through the bluebells

Sun and shade

Purple haze

Dappled light in the woodland

Open grasslands after the woods

Hawthorn in flower in the hedgerows

A quiet country graveyard with someone remembered...

Resting in peace

Lily still stalking, even in the river! It's a gene thing...


Hummie B said...

Wow! It is gorgeous where you live!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos!

MG said...

Soon it will be bluebell time again. Every year I wait for them to appear in the woods around Pott Shrigley. In the light just after dawn they are stupendous, often helped a little by some mist.

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