Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Election 2015

Thursday 7th May
Have you voted yet?! Here are my musings from yesterday:-

On the eve of the 2015 Election, I feel a strange urge to make some observations.

1. I am sick of it.
2. Postal voting is quite stressful.
3. I feel sorry for the Green Party but admire their courage and energy to participate in the knowledge they'll get a handful of votes and can never be serious contenders.
4. Another UKIP MP has made a horrific faux pas off camera. No change there then. Just rather bad timing.
5. Some loose horses in the race - Lib Dems, SNP, UKIP. Will they cause any catastrophic dismounts?
6. It's not as exciting as the media make out (stifles yawn).
7. Italy is living proof that politicians are not as necessary as they might think to the day to day running of a country. In fact they often make bad matters worse.
8. If you think one politician is going to come along and turn everything around, you're wrong (witness Greece).
9. The worst thing about modern day politics is its tit-for-tat nature: 'you say one thing, so I'll say the other'. OBVIOUSLY they can't agree or they'd all be in the same party. If one party is in power, then the others are in OPPOSITION. They're bound, inevitably, to take the opposite viewpoint and thus we go forever round and round in circles.
10. Running a country is like running a household. Bloody impossible to please all the people all of the time.

With that, I shall go and put a wash in.

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