Friday, 6 June 2014

Walking with my Dog

Dog has been depressed by Duck and Decorators this week. Frisbees in the garden were starting to pall. Time to take her out for a romp about the High Peak. Chose the Goyt Valley, my favourite local spot. Rushing streams, grouse moors, pine forests and reservoirs. Nothing better to lift the spirits - even when still unseasonably wet and cold. 

This bridge was moved to its current location in 1965 when they flooded the valley lower down.

As I walked alongside all this gushing water I mused on why it is that I love it so much. Still water can be calm and beautiful but I realise it is running water that I always seek out. The noise, the energy, the movement - it stimulates the senses at so many levels and was the life-affirming force that was required on this otherwise dank, lonely day. 

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The bike shed said...

And the peat in the water too - don't you think that has an effect on our experience; it smells and tastes so different; reminds us of elemental forces and all that ...

Hope all is well with you.

Starting to write again after long break - on the theme of place and sense of home and what that means.

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