Friday, 30 September 2011

Indian Summer

Monday 26th September

I read in the newspaper this morning that we can expect an Indian summer this week with temperatures reaching the low 80s farenheit. This would certainly be very welcome at two levels: one, because it has been almost relentlessly grim since we returned from France; and, two, because G has a camping party in the garden this weekend as a belated birthday treat. When I was out paddling around in soggy grass and cool, dank, drizzly autumnal air last week I did wonder as to the wisdom of the project; but if it is going to be warm and feel like a last taste of summer, then all should be well. With any luck the campfire will glow and the marshmallows will melt - and they may even stay outside under canvas the whole night. But I'm not holding my breath.

Meanwhile I can hardly believe that it has now been four weeks since our return. Frankly, it feels more like four months. We had a rushed few days getting sorted for school as they were back on 1st September, and then I went into a sort of zoned-out mode for a week when I really couldn't get geared up for normal life again - a sign, at least, that I had had a more restful summer break than perhaps I had realised.

Looking back over my diary there have been a smattering of events: I have caught up with a friend in the village over coffee, another over lunch, and another over tea; I have had a dental appointment, done the car M.O.T. , been to a charity afternoon to help a friend raise money for a walk along part of the Great Wall of China, been to a work dinner in Manchester, run a fell race, been to a barn dance and a drinks party; I have planted new plants in our garden, re-started the Infant School gardening club and re-enroled for the second year of my gardening course; I have counselled four friends all suffering in life right now; I have had my brother-in-law and his dog to stay, been to see Alan Carr at the Manchester Evening News arena and gone to a Brian Wilson (ex Beach Boys) concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester; I have been to a country show and climbed a climbing wall; I have taken one daughter to the dentist, supported another in a cross country running race, been to a Beer Festival and done all the usual running around after children, household chores and broken lawn-mowers.

On a broader scale, I have organised for someone from John Lewis to come and help me re-do the curtains in almost every room in the house; we have planned and largely booked a sabbatical in New Zealand for six weeks at the end of November and....we have got a dog.

I suppose, when you look at it like that, I have done quite a lot. It is not surprising that the summer holidays seem a supremely distant memory - a sunny blink of the eye in the tidal flow of life.

How are you doing?



Pondside said...

My goodness - when you come back from holiday with renewed vigor, you really hit the ground running. What have I done in the last four weeks? Started to clean up the garden, had weekend guests, found and visited a new dentist, given two workshops, written numerous reports, been to the theatre, helped my daughter choose a wedding gown, tasted cake and wine, booked a church and the wardroom.....not as busy as you, but when I add full time work it's busy enough!

Linda Chapman said...

I always enjoy reading your posts! It's is especially nice to read about OTHER people living such busy lives....when I have been there and done that and am now enjoying a much slower pace! Pace still have years to go!

Mark said...

You will be climbing at Stanage soon! And as for NZ - so envious; I insist you go rafting. Little Dyl had a camping party at St David's Head a while agos, that was cool - hope your's goes as well. As for the dog, mmmmm..... enjoy.

M and J

Tattie Weasle said...

Ohhh only a few weeks to go and you will be off to NZ warm glorious weather and we'll be in the depths of winter how long ago the summer seems! Have a great time!


Pondie - my goodness that's what I call busy! Want to know when wedding date is - all too reminiscent of when I was getting married and can't quite get my head around fact that it was 19 years ago. I remember the conversations about wedding plans with my folks and my in-laws as if it was yesterday....(naughty me, though: I would not let my mother help me choose a gown as I was afraid I would end up in what she wanted rather than what I wanted. I simply went out and chose by myself. Is that forgiveable?).

Linda - you are so right :-)

Mark - dog good; camping good; can't wait for NZ (though all seems a bit of a dream right now).

Tattie - THANK YOU :-)

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