Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Hello World!

Bloody hell, I do seem to be having my fare share of problems with the internet at the moment. It took me 3 months to sort out what was wrong in the UK - uh, new router was all it required in the end (bastard thing kept pretending to work but wasn't actually communicating with my computer properly at all) - and now here I am in La Belle France and it's taken me nearly 3 weeks to try and connect here too. It's 1.15am and I've finally made it back into cyberspace on an ever so quaint old-fashioned dial-up (time to cook 3 course meal while it connects)system. I have a storming migraine and was going to have a bath and an early night until I thought I'd have one last try at trying to crack the French internet nut which has been slowly driving me even further insane than I was before.

I am painfully aware that I haven't even finished my tedious sailing tales yet (just one more part to go and then you're all off the hook on that one), and I haven't been able to properly acknowledge the lovely Arte e Pico award that kind Working Mum gave me - or read and comment as I have wanted to for so many weeks. All of this is probably going to have to wait till I am back home on a fast connection (God willing!) or I'll be here farting around in cyberspace for the rest of my holidays.

So, dear Reader, don't hold your breath, but I might be able to pop another post or two out while I'm over here (can you bear the excitement?). However, right now even the thought of cleaning my teeth before I can lay my throbbing head on a soft pillow is more than I can bear, so smelly breath it may have to be tonight...

On that glorious note I shall bid you bon nuit. Dormez bien. I shall.
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