Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The Padre, Part 2

The Padre has just taken his leave. As G danced around in pale nightdress and her father’s black shoes, waving him off in the sunshine, the air still, the sheep grazing, the day at peace with itself, his parting words, delivered with a grin were, ‘It’s the most perfect morning, I feel I’m in fairy land!’ It was a stark reminder of where he would soon be heading. When we were in Italy together the Gulf War was rumbling in the background, some of our friends involved. 16 years on and Iraq is again the backdrop, still calling the innocent away from their homelands to do their duty. I waved goodbye and wished him safe journeys. That is all I could do. We turned back inside, leaving those sheep to graze, the birds to sing, and all I knew was that we were very lucky to be here, to be alive, when so much of the world is struggling just to survive.

Taking a leaf out of the Padre’s book, I am going outside to sit on the bench, drink my tea and write my Easter Cards before I finish the packing.
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