Friday, 9 March 2007


Molly is back. The 'miao' at the back door was the sweetest I'd ever heard. She re-appeard just as Eldest Daughter was putting the finishing touches to her Missing Cat notice. She'd chosen a picture of a tabby off the internet. It was a close enough resemblance I suppose - and at least it wasn't orange with eight legs. Which would probably have made it an octopus. That would have looked strange pinned on a telegraph pole in the village. 'Missing Octopus. Washed away in floods. One tearful owner. Please do not pan fry if found.'

But I digress. We opened the door to the little furry face and she poked her nose in a little tentatively before allowing her body to follow. She was unmarked, unscathed and after a purry cuddle headed straight for the cat bowl, oblivious to the distress she'd caused her owner. A little food was digested, a bit of licking afterwards. She did look a tad sheepish. If she hadn't been neutered I'd have guessed she'd been rollicking in the hay with some Tomcat or other. Anyway, she clearly wasn't of a mind to have a chat about it so I let it drop. It's just nice to have our little family complete again.

Shortly before she reappeared, Middle Daughter suggested we pray for her again. I said no, it hadn't helped last time. Now, cuddling Molly, smiles back on our faces, MD said, 'You see Mummy, I told you God was still looking for her'. I looked across at her huge toothy smile and wide blue shiny eyes and hugged her like I never wanted to let her go.

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