Thursday, 25 November 2010

The twists and turns of life and tyres

Life has taken some extraordinary twists and turns in the last week or so and I'm still in the middle of some difficult stuff. I've found myself without time or energy to write despite fragments of ideas coming to me at strange times and places when I am without pen, paper or computer.

So much has been happening but so much that I can't write about for various reasons. I'm finding it hard to put words to emotions anyway - something which normally comes easily enough to me. There is much around me at the moment that is in limbo, and limbo is a state which is always de-energising.

I have found this brief moment to write while waiting at Selecta Tyres to get my winter treads put back on. It hardly seems a moment ago that I was having them taken off, yet here we are suddenly only a few weeks away from Christmas (quick panic attack). Mercifully, unlike the first time I had this done, I have snuck in before they have felt the need to drape tinsel over the tyres in the waiting room or plug in their flashing 'Merry Christmas' sign above the drinks dispenser. Instead I am just freezing cold and am dying to go to the loo. I came in at 3.30pm, they said I'd be done by 4pm and it is now nearly 5pm. All the other things I planned to do I've had to abandon and I've just texted E to let her know I'll be late collecting her from choir practice at school. I'm watching MotoGP on a loop - lots of fast bikes and nasty crashes (obviously haven't got the right tyres on) - and trying to decide whether this is preferable to the promotional video about the benefits of wheel alignment which I had the pleasure of seeing about 50 times while I sat on this same sofa last year.

Two years ago everyone looked at me slightly quizically when I said I had winter tyres on my car. I was clearly a bit of an oddball. But having lived in northern Europe where winter tyres are obligatory in many places, and now ensconced in a suitably harsh climate in the UK, it was a logical step. Now, of course, after last winter's countrywide freeze, the whole nation has suddenly decided that it's not such a silly idea after all and I'm now pissed off that I can't seem to get tyres for N's car for love nor money. In retail speak, There Has Been a Rush on winter tyres and now I'm irritated that I've been beaten at my own game. Should have kept my mouth shut. Particularly annoying as I am due to go to York this weekend and snow is forecast and we need the bigger capacity Volvo. Still, there's a spray can of 'Liquid Chains' on the counter. £28.99. That will do. And if it doesn't work we will be enacting one of the alarming skiddy shut-your-eyes horror crashes that I have just been witnessing on the reassuringly large Sony flatscreen. At least I am mentally prepared.

Watch this space.


JulieG said...

Have a safe journey to and from York and write about what you can when you can.
I've a feeling you might find it therapeutic to do so once a little time has passed, the chaos has eased and limboland returns to humdrum normality.
I won't be cruel and say how many days until Christmas either as I'm sure you're reminded of that little fact on a daily basis!

Pondside said...

Limbo is not an easy place to be - I hope you're soon released. In the meantime, I think that winter is Hell and words like 'winter tire' and 'chain' make me break into a cold sweat. I have lived in the north too often to want to do it ever again!

Mark said...

Mmm... there is more in the gaps between the treads, I think - but in your own time and way.

Stay well; it will soon be spring.

Exmoorjane said...

Ah honey....we are indeed linked in some weird way, I am sure of that too. And one day we WILL meet...
You are SO sensible with your winter tyres...wish I could say we were the same.
I tell you, I am SO cold I can barely type this....hope that, in this respect at least, we are not similar! jxxxxx

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